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Decorative candles on
wrought iron bases

These products are used as a home decoration and, at the same time,they perfum the environment with fruits and flowers fragrances, so they reduce some offensive odors like tobacco and pets.
We use a very pure liquid paraffin mixed with polymers. The result is a flexible and transparent substance. The different species are then added and, to have constantly a pleasant fragrance, you do not even need to light the candle.

Into this transparent or colored substance, the craftsman achieves artistic compositions according to his creativeness and uses dehydrated flowers and fruits, sea shells and sea snails, leaves, resin figurines, animals in miniature: swans, lions, birds, fishes, pandas, koalas,etc.

The candles are contained in very varied pretty glasses which are put on wrought-iron bases. They are an elegant decoration for your home or office and give to it an original touch.

For that reason now we have reunited in a single gallery the best craftsmen of Guanajuato, Mexico, cradle of the International Cervantino Festival, so that you can be charmed as we are by their gorgeous work. These products contain no toxic elements.


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