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The art of embossed metals to give an aesthetic aspect to some pieces, was originated many years before Christ, and was considered a utilitary work to improve the finishing of other materials and objects.
At the present time it has managed to develop to the poin of becoming an art of great splendor, born in the hands of expert craftsmen who with their ability and creativity, manage to turn a metal leaf into a true work of art, helped by instruments called striker pins, they manage to print in a metal leaf figures in low relief and up to three-dimensional.
This technique arrived in Mexico by the necessity to protect the icons of the churches of the inclemencies of smoke of chandeliers, the environment and time itself.

For that reason now we have reunited in a single gallery the best craftsmen of Guanajuato, Mexico, cradle of the International Cervantino Festival, so that you can be charmed as we are by their gorgeous work.


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