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The metallurgical pre-columbian cultures are a technical and aesthetic compendium in which an interpretation of social and religious relations of Latin America´s native peoples is given. In the metal worked pieces of Colombia we observe hammered, repousse and nail or soldering jointed pieces.

The glint and the colour were essential. Gold was the expression of the sun used to represent man and earth, and silver, the expression of the moon used to represent woman. Therefore, these objects had a symbolical and mythical expression in pre-columbian culture all around Latin America.

LUNA DEL SUR´s craftmen work fine silver .925 manually to accomplish the reproductions of these pieces recovering the mystical idea that had the prehispanic groups. The ¨sur¨ is the geographical location where the major splendour is, because of the rescue of the ornamental value that have this work. Thanks to pieces like nose ornaments, urns, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures born the design to elaborate earrings, necklaces, brooches, cuff links, key-rings, pins, scarf rings and bracelets, adding to them semi-precious gems and terra-cotta.


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